About us

Granary Activity Stays, a venture under the umbrella of Perfect Hands Solutions, a Marvel Group initiative, was founded by Sejoe Jose, a seasoned figure in the realm of hospitality. With a wealth of experience, Sejoe Jose has spearheaded the innovation and integration of cutting-edge technology into the dynamic landscape of the hospitality industry through Perfect Hands Solutions.

Our focus is to elevate the exceptional standards, which are the heart of Granary.

Our boutique hotels and pool villas establish new benchmarks by crafting environments that evoke the essence of refined living. Whether within our heritage villas, private pool resorts, diverse restaurants offering authentic cuisines, rejuvenating spa treatments, or curated experiences, harmonious spaces and inspired getaways await at every corner.

Our commitment is to transform the way luxury is experienced and defined.

Granary’s array of properties introduces you to understated luxury in spaces crafted to ensure each stay is memorable. Each visit evokes a feeling of tranquility through welcoming hospitality, luxurious surroundings, and distinctive locations.

Our Promoter

Sejoe Jose

Sejoe has a solid repute within the Indian tourism industry and holds several positions. He is the Regional Chairman for South India for IATO (Indian Association of Tour operators). He is also the Past President of CATO (Confederation of Accredited tour operators), Past Vice Chairman of SKAL Cochin, and a Member of the Tourism Advisory Council (Kerala).
With a rich history in the hospitality industry, Sejoe Jose stands as a luminary figure and the mastermind behind the distinguished travel and tourism conglomerate comprising Marvel Tours, Marvel Cruise, Perfect Hands Solutions, and Moksha Luxury Stays. Possessing a visionary spirit honed over two decades, Sejoe has consistently introduced insightful innovations and transformative enhancements to the landscape of experiential hospitality in India. Fueled by purpose and unwavering passion, Sejoe remains dedicated to crafting unforgettable journeys, imbued with a commitment to excellence, that leave an everlasting mark in the realm of travel and tourism.

Granary Activity Stays is a subsidiary of Perfect Hands Solutions, a Marvel Group Venture, founded by Sejoe Jose who is a veteran in the hospitality industry. Perfect Hands Solutions brings cutting-edge technology to the fast-evolving hospitality industry.

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