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Referred to as the Venice of the East, Alappuzha has always enjoyed an important place in the maritime history of Kerala. Today, it is famous for its boat races, backwater holidays, beaches, marine products and coir industry. Alappuzha Beach is a popular picnic spot.  There is also a 19th-century lighthouse nearby which greatly intrigues all visitors.
Another delightful experience while in Alappuzha is the houseboat cruise. The houseboats you find in the backwaters of Alappuzha are in fact a reworked version of the Kettuvallams of olden times. Kettuvallam is a Malayalam word, ‘Kettu’, refers to dwelling structures and ‘Vallom’ means boat. In the olden days, kettuvallam or boat with thatched roof that covers over wooden hulls was used to carry tons of rice and spices. Of late, houseboats come equipped with all the comforts of a good hotel room including furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, cozy living rooms, a kitchen and even a balcony for angling. An uninterrupted view of life in the backwaters can be enjoyed while staying in a houseboat.

Our Properties


It was the dream of Thomas and Rosie to offer the world a way of life that had a heart for earth around. A life that helps minimise the impact on the environment while also seeking connection with nature. Thomas envisioned a home where he could live with all the comforts, he was used to but with ecological considerations. Respecting natural resources, learning from local traditions, and listening to his own practical instincts, inspiration struck for dwelling stylishly, sensibly and sustainably.

Marvel Cruise

Marvel Cruise, a distinguished Golden Category houseboat group officially recognized by the Kerala Tourism Department, provides a delightful opportunity to bask in the tranquil beauty of a scenic countryside. These houseboats, originally utilitarian barges transporting goods through Kerala’s inland waterways, have been transformed into luxurious havens. They boast sun decks, spacious living spaces, comfortable bedrooms, continuous water supply, and a well-equipped kitchen. The onboard crew, consisting of a captain, navigator, and cook, ensures that you experience nothing but tranquility—no navigation, no cooking, no washing up, just peace!

Jai Lake House

Escape to a tranquil island village, Perumbalam, frozen in time, where our holiday home with a serene pool awaits by the backwaters. Just 16 kms from the Kochi city, this lake house offers the ideal retreat to unwind. Stroll along the village lanes to immerse yourself in the local way of life, or simply indulge in a leisurely day by the pool, with breathtaking lake views as your backdrop. The only disruption? The occasional motorboat, essential for islanders’ transportation.

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Marvel Cruise House Boat

Jai Lake House



Alleppey is a small market town now but it was once the economic hub and bustling port of the erstwhile Travancore state. It has its own story to tell which can be heard and felt during this curated tour by a PAS member. The walk starts with a presentation of the history and unique features of the town and ends with light refreshments served at a member’s home. It is partly driving and walking through the Gujarati quarter, the canal banks, and an old wholesale market – all with a guide.


1. A good walking shoe, a hat, and sun protection are recommended. 2. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and keep your valuables under safe custody at all times



Board your canoes and proceed to visit a traditional village in Alappuzha. There are trees lining both sides of the canals, providing cool cover. This is a great opportunity to witness local life on the river banks. Visit coconut farms, coir villages, spices, and herbal farms. Learn about prawn fishing and paddy cultivation, see typical village activities. The guide will familiarize you with agricultural seasons, practices, local crafts and festivals, and daily life in this part of Kerala.


This is a canoe ride through narrow canals of the backwaters of Alappuzha.

Shikara Ride


A shikara boat ride in Alleppey is a serene and picturesque experience that allows visitors to explore the scenic backwaters of Kerala in southern India. Shikaras are traditional wooden boats that are elegantly designed with comfortable seating arrangements.

As you embark on a shikara ride, you’ll glide through a network of interconnected canals, rivers, and lakes that make up the mesmerizing backwaters of Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha. The lush greenery of the surrounding landscape, with swaying palm trees and vibrant aquatic vegetation, creates a tranquil atmosphere that instantly soothes the senses.



Arrive in Alleppey by train, bus, or car. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport (about 83 km away). Reach the houseboat jetty. Check-in and be welcomed with a refreshing drink. Settle into your cabin. The houseboat starts cruising through the backwaters. Enjoy the serene views of paddy fields, coconut groves, and traditional villages. Relish a traditional Kerala lunch featuring local delicacies such as Karimeen (pearl spot fish), sambar, avial, Rasam. Stop at a village to explore the local culture. Witness a stunning sunset over the backwaters. The boat will anchor for the night by around 5:00 PM, typically in a quiet, scenic spot. Retire to your cozy cabin for the night and then arrive back at the houseboat jetty and disembark. This itinerary offers a mix of relaxation and exploration, ensuring you experience the best of Alleppey’s backwaters.