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Mriya Beach Villa

Mriya Beach Villa

The Mriya is a beach facing three bedroom luxury pool villa. The villa is situated in a quiet fishing village near the town of Thalikulam in Trichur district of Kerala. The villa is very well designed with all luxury incorporated to ensure every guest is pampered and has a memorable holiday.

This unique boutique stay was created out of passion by Brijesh and Anjana who found this beautiful piece of property by the beach, renovated and and aptly named it ‘Mriya’ which means dream in Ukrainian.

The villa has three bedrooms with all the luxury amenities, ensuite bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and a pool.

You can stroll around the fishing village and the beach that is right in front of our villaand enjoy a charming holiday.


Sleeps up to 10

3 Bedrooms

3 bathrooms

AC in Rooms





Starting 20000/-


Starting 126000/-




The property has 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. All rooms have King size beds and we do have 4 extra beds in case you have extra people to share your fun holiday .The whole property is half acre beach front with plenty of open lawn spaces for children to play. The beach is right across the front gate and is very clean and ideal for swimming with mild waves.To top it all you get your own private swimming pool, if you don’t feel like going to the beach!. The beach sands are also home to the Oliver Ridley turtles and you can see them nesting and hatching from the months of January to April.


We have a fully functional kitchen with all appliances including toaster, microwave, refrigerator, cooking gas hob etc is available for guest use. Relish the authentic flavours of Kerala, all made fresh by our in-house chef. Advance orders are required for lunch and dinner so that our team can buy fresh sea foods and ingredients from the local market. Our complimentary breakfast consists of English breakfast and one Kerala dish. We even have the Barbeque facilities to cater the guest needs. The menu will be shared in prior and the guest can order the same before their arrival.


A trip to Guruvayur offers a deeply enriching and spiritually uplifting experience, allowing you to connect with ancient traditions, witness devotion in its purest form, and find solace in the divine presence of Lord Krishna.

A day in Punnathoor Kotta offers a perfect blend of cultural immersion, wildlife appreciation, and natural beauty, making it a truly unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a nature lover, animal enthusiast, or cultural explorer, Punnathoor Kotta invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and wonder in the heart of Kerala.

Kayaking at Chemmapilly, also known as Chembilode, offers an exciting and adventurous way to explore the serene backwaters and mangrove forests of this picturesque area in Kerala, India. Whether you’re a novice paddler or an experienced kayaker, the serene beauty and abundant wildlife of Chemmapilly make it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and relaxation alike.
Cycling adventure with a mesmerizing sunset ride along the beach. Pedal along the shoreline as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange, pink, and purple. The tranquil ambiance and breathtaking views make for a memorable conclusion to your cycling excursion in the Snehatheeram Beach area.



Edassery Beach, Thalikulam, Kerala 680569

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