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Marvel Cruise, a distinguished Golden Category houseboat group officially recognized by the Kerala Tourism Department, provides a delightful opportunity to bask in the tranquil beauty of a scenic countryside.

These houseboats, originally utilitarian barges transporting goods through Kerala’s inland waterways, have been transformed into luxurious havens. They boast sun decks, spacious living spaces, comfortable bedrooms, continuous water supply, and a well-equipped kitchen. The onboard crew, consisting of a captain, navigator, and cook, ensures that you experience nothing but tranquility—no navigation, no cooking, no washing up, just peace!

Vast backwaters, palm trees gently swaying in the breeze, refreshing winds, the harmonious melody of bird calls, and the rhythmic sound of the oarsman on the passing boat—all creating a captivating symphony of nature – all creating an atmosphere of pure bliss! Experience all of this from the luxurious comfort of a houseboat smoothly gliding through the emerald waters..

Experience the splendor of God’s Own Country by immersing yourself in one of Kerala’s distinctive wonders—the traditional ‘Kettuvallam,’ a boat transformed into your floating abode, a home away from home!

A canopy crafted from bamboo and thatched with traditional materials sets the perfect atmosphere for a river cruise that will make you yearn for time to halt. Tucked away beneath this canopy is a complete home unit, offering the conveniences of contemporary living within an authentically ethnic setting.

The elegant en-suite washroom features bio-septic plumbing, ensuring a pollution-free environment that you can confidently rely on.

Bask in the sunshine on the sun deck, relish delectable Kerala cuisine in your personal dinette while observing the rhythm of life around you. As the sun sets on the horizon, retire to your well-ventilated bedroom, equipped with eco-friendly solar-powered fans and lights. Let the soothing lap of water lull your senses into a peaceful night’s sleep. Awaken to the aroma of freshly brewed tea wafting from a well-equipped kitchenette. Take a moment to observe your personal chef crafting your breakfast, sharing both a warm smile and insightful culinary tips. The enchantment of these moments will make you never want this magic to end.


sleeps upto 6

3 Bedrooms

3 bathrooms

AC in Rooms



Starting from 16000/- per night (1 bedroom)






We offer meticulously designed houseboats with one, two, and three bedrooms, each boasting sun decks, living areas, and comfortable sleeping beds. We have a comfortable seating arrangement around a central table. The layout of the boat is designed to maximize comfort and relaxation for guests. The houseboat’s design often incorporates large windows and open deck area to provide breath-taking views of the surrounding landscapes, rivers, or lakes. Guests can relax on the open deck or in the outdoor seating areas while taking in the picturesque scenery.


Meals are crafted from a set menu unless specific dietary preferences are communicated beforehand. Lunch usually features fish while dinner often includes chicken. This culinary approach reflects the straightforward and wholesome dining tradition upheld by boatmen of previous eras, which continues to be honoured today. Guests can enjoy delicious local cuisine served in elegant dining areas onboard, often featuring freshly caught seafood and traditional specialties.


Alleppey is a serene village blessed with a unique network of backwaters and stunning countryside. This exclusive Alleppey Village Walk offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Alleppey. We have an energetic and fun loving crew who would keep you entertained all throughout the walking program.

They will take you through the lush green paddy fields, canal sideways and local areas to interact with the people.

Kayking in Kerala is a unique way, to explore the backwaters of Kerala – intricate network of canals, palm fringed lagoons and inimitable life style of the Kuttanadan people. Kayaking in Kerala gives you a ringside view of life along the backwaters. As we embark on our kayaks, and start paddling, we move through the palm fringed waterways, unsullied villagers and the countryside into the interiors of Keralan villages where only a kayak can reach. The only company we will have are the peaceful villages, smiling children and the farmers hard at work. Kayaking in Kerala is also an excellent opportunity to see village life at close quarters – the local people engaged in farming, fishing, duck rearing and toddy tapping or just relaxing.

Tuk-Tuks (locally known as auto-rickshaws) is a great way of seeing any town or city in India. Tuk Tuk Tour in Kerala features some of the top heritage Kerala tours. Most of the tourist places and ancient landmarks that interests tourists are tucked in narrow alleys, which are best explored, in a private tuk-tuk tour.

A tuk tuk tour to Ambalapuzha sree Krishna swami temple is a highlight in Alleppey. Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple is a Hindu temple in Ambalappuzha, Alapuzha district of Kerala, in south India. The Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple is believed to have been built during 15th – 17th AD by the local ruler Chembakasserry Pooradam Thirunal-Devanarayanan Thampuran.



466, Marvel Jetty Road, Pallathuruthy, Alappuzha, Kerala 688003

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Canoe Ride

On this guided tour, we explore a village by boat (small hand-punted canoe) and on foot. Since there are no industries here, the village is free from all types of pollution. The main occupation of the villagers is making ropes with coconut fiber, mat weaving with leaves of wild pineapple, traditional coconut processing, fishing, farming, etc. Have a delicious homely lunch from the village.

Alappuzha Walking Tour

Alleppey or Alappuzha is the gateway to the backwaters. Heritage walks through the town, titled “Alleppey on Foot” was the first step towards letting others know about the rich history of this planned port town. The Preserve Alleppey Society or PAS was formed with the intention of increasing awareness of its heritage and helping its conservation. Members of PAS were voluntary guides on a walk along a canal-side street, which has many architecturally interesting buildings.


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